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Sexy German-American porn star Briana Banks has appeared in some of the hottest scenes in porn. Her terrific double D’s and fierce passion have gained her legendary status in the porn industry. From her debut in Decadent Whores 9, the blond bombshell has appeared in countless scenes and shown astounding versatility and fierce sexual passion.

In her 14-year career (she retired in 2013), Brianna Banks has demonstrated that she was never afraid to get dirty shooting with both men and women. She’s done double penetration, anal scenes, bondage, and even an American Dad porn parody.

Though some of her scenes predate the era of easily accessible internet porn, her massive tits have still found their way onto many of the top porn sites. If you’re a huge Brianna fan, then I have a treat for you! Below are some of the hottest scenes Briana Banks has appeared in.

Briana Loves Jenna

This AVN awarded flick acts a sexy girl on girl scene with fellow industry legend Jenna Jameson. Briana and Jenna deliver stunning performances in one of the hottest lesbian scenes in porn by providing sizzling eye candy from the very start of the film. The video is pretty hard to watch though, as the artsy video editing is dizzying.

Nonetheless, there’s plenty of action to the very end. The first scene features a lesbian threesome Brianna, Jenna, and Isabella. Jenna fucks Brianna hard with a giant black strap-on. The next scene, Brianna gives Erik a blowjob and gets cum shots all over her pretty face. These are the only 2 prominent scenes where she was featured. Some love this film, some hate it, but you’ll have to see it for yourself to know if it’s really worth the hype.

My Uncles GF wants my Dick!

This is an all-time classic from Brianna with many pop-up ads repeatedly showing off its scenes. It starts out with her older boyfriend taking his wayward nephew into his home to teach him a lesson. Brianna pleads with him to take it easy on his nephew and hugs the nephew tight. The young lad obviously starts to take a keen interest in her titties. He’s given chores to do in the kitchen, while Brianna helps him out. It cuts into the intro, showing Brianna sexily scrubbing the floors with her nipples spilling out of her tight dress. Meanwhile, the nephew is gazing helplessly at her ass. She then gets up, complains about the hard work and raises her dress to reveal a tiny g-string, and sexily rubs the soapy sponge all over her tight milf ass.

This is the best scene because it’s comedic, unexpected and a great opening to the rest of the film. If you want to find out more, you’re going to have to buy the film or have fun looking for random clips on the internet. It’s your choice.

Dick Stuck in Fleshlight

The title is pretty self-explanatory. This film is about a young man who goes to the hospital to remove his stuck fleshlight. A doctor (Nikki Benz) walks in, but he notices she’s female and quickly sends for a male doctor due to his embarrassment. She refuses and uncovers him, then calls the nurse Brianna to bring some lube and assist her in removing the sex toy. Brianna gets some lube on her hands and rubs it all over Nikki’s tits. Then, she gets Nikki to rub it all over her as well. The patient jerks off to this display and the fleshlight slowly slips off, prompting Nikki and Brianna to take their turns giving him blowjobs. They inevitably end up having a steamy threesome, starting out with the patient eating Nikky’s pussy while Nikky licks and fingers Brianna. It’s gonna be hard picking out the best scene in this film, but my personal favorite would be Brianna riding his cock reverse-cowgirl style.

Like all good things, this is worth paying for. If you’d rather have it free, there’s plenty of clips all over the internet.